Dumex Mamil- Discover What Real Moms Say!

All across Malaysia, moms have used Mamil to help their children overcome digestive discomfort. Watch moms tell their stories and find out how they helped their children find their cheerful selves again!

His face turns red, trying very hard to push!

My son cries and refuses to ‘go poo poo’ for some time and that got me really worried. Thankfully I discovered Mamil Learning Step 3 which has prebiotics. Now he doesn’t cry or whine anymore. Recently he went all by himself and all I heard is “Mommy I’m done!”. I was pleasantly surprised.

Amanda Wong, mother of a 3-year-old son

Hard stool problem? Not anymore!

Mamil fulfills both my priorities for my child. It has DHA to help in my daughter’s growth and it also helps to ease the hard stool problem she suffers from. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for all this while.

Angela Chan, mother of a 1-year-old daughter

It really upsets me to see my child that way

Every time he needs to poo he starts to cry. I think no mother would want to see their child this way. It’s great that I found a solution in Mamil Learning Step 3. It has prebiotics, DHA… which we know are great for the healthy development of their mind and digestive system. I am so relieved now.

Haslinda Mohammad Ali, mother of a 3-year-old son

He will cry and go hide and seek

Every time I ask him to poo, he will cry and start playing hide and seek with me. It’s pretty challenging to juggle between being a mom and my career. Fortunately, Mamil offers vitamin and prebiotics and high DHA. After trying Mamil, I no longer have to chase him around the house. It’s a big relief for me.

Hanim Mahad, mother of a 2-year-old son

Listen to mothers relate to their child's struggle with hard stools, and how Mamil with Unique Prebiotics Oligosaccharide Mixture GOS/lcFOS (9:1) has helped.

- Amanda Wong, mother of a 3-year-old son
- Angela Chan, mother of a 1-year-old daughter
- Haslinda Mohammad Ali, mother of a 3-year-old son
- Hanim Mahad, mother of a 2-year-old son

Read on and let these stories inspire you.

Survey conducted by Home Tester Club between 29/07/2016 and 04/11/2016, 386 members have received and home tested Mamil Learning Step 3.

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I love Mamil with Unique Prebiotics Oligosaccharide Mixture GOS/lcFOS (9:1) because it helps to support my child’s optimum growth and development. By the way, AS mum also want child to maintain a healthy gut. It is the key to a healthy and happy life.

Angeline Ting, Mom of a 3-year-old son

Giving my kids Mamil everyday made me worry free as a busy working mum on what's best for my precious one.

Tan San Yen, Mom of a 8-year-old daughter

The surprise outcome after consuming Dumex Mamil is transform mummy's WORRY to HAPPY

Sim Sock Sean, Mom of a 4-year-old daughter

Mamil helps to maintain my child's good intestinal environment. After drinking Mamil, she enjoys playing, learning and having fun every day. I'm glad to be Mamil mum=happy mum because she grows up healthy and happy.

Tho Ming Hua, Mom of a 6-year-old daughter

I love Mamil because, can help my daughter to maintain a good intestinal environment, and will continue to drink until her 9-year-old...last time I have to change many brands of milk powder, my choice now is only Mamil active only 4-9-year-old…

Wong Foo Kang, Mom of a 6-year-old daughter

I love Mamil with Unique Prebiotics Oligosaccharide Mixture GOS/lcFOS (9:1) because my kids love it and make her active, happy tummy and grow well. Thanks, Mamil.

Lina Insyirah Lim, Mom of a 2-year-old daughter

Saya suka Mamil dengan Prebiotik Berpaten Antarabangsa GOS/lcFOS (9:1) kerana anak saya menyukainya..Sedap..ketika minum panas mahupun sejuk. Terbaik..dari anak pertama hingga ke-3

Norbaizura Binti Zainal, Mom of a 6-year-old son

Certainly, Mamil Dumex will be a perfect choice for my son. I grew up with Dumex. Dumex blend well and the nutritional fact and carefully selected to suit toddler.

Ranjani G Narayanasamy, Mom of a 1-year-old son

Mamil contains Internationally Patented Prebiotics GOS/IcFOS. After try this milk powder, my son can pass motion easily... I will recommend to my friends who faced this problem…

Chin, 29, Taiping

Mamil mengandungi prebiotik GOS/lcFOS. Anak saya sangat menggemarinya. Sebelum ini dia mempunyai masalah pembuangan, namun sejak menguji susu ini masalah ini nampaknya makin berkurangan. Terima kasih Mamil!

Adilah Binti Abdul, 29, Putrajaya

Mamil Learning Step 3 contains essential nutrients and other value added Internationally Patented formulas which could help children grow up healthily and the whole family could enjoy quality time together always.

Khor Hui Ming, 36, Kuala Lumpur

Mamil Learning Step 3 have nutrients which contains key ingredients to support overall growth and development, giving my child the right nutrition in the right amounts at the right time.

Suharty, 38, Kuala Selangor

Mamil contains Internationally Patented Prebiotics GOS/IcFOS. Mamil Learning Step 3 really helps my son which promotes good bowel movement with softer stools. Now my son won't suffer with constipation.

Cham, 33, Butterworth

Mamil contains Internationally Patented Prebiotics GOS/IcFOS. After trying out Mamil Learning Step 3, I could see a difference in my son's bowel movement. Previously at times he would not poop for 1-2 days. However after trying Mamil, he will poop constantly once a day at almost the same time. So i do feel this milk does what it says it would!

Stephanie, 30, Subang Jaya

Mamil Learning Step 3 antara susu terbaik kerana mengandungi Internationally Patented Prebiotics Oligosaccharide Mixture yang semestinya baik untuk usus anak. Dengan pelbagai khasiat yang terkandung seperti susu mahal tetapi boleh dapatkan Mamil Learning Step 3 pada harga yang amat berpatutan.

Wahidah, 27, Kuala Lumpur

I'm satisfying the result after i switched my daughter current formula to Mamil Learning Step 3, Mamil can help her to maintain good intestinal environment. now she can pass motion easily and i am happy to see the difference. not only my daughter,i also changed my son formula to Mamil Active 4.

Siew Fong, 36, Shah Alam

Mamil is good for my kid. Definitely will switch to Mamil after this! Thanks.

Zee, 26, Selangor

Mamil Learning Step 3 is good for my kid since it is nutritious and contains prebiotics.

Yvonne, 34, Ulu Kinta

Mamil Learning Step 3 is so good for my children, I try few brand before , and find out this is most suitable for my children.

Wan, 26, Taman Seri Emas, Kajang

Would give my lil after this as the contains with prebiotic and highest level of DHA.

Lee, 32, Taman Perindustrian Puchong Utama

My daughter has been passing very hard stool all these while. I thought giving her fruits and vegetables to eat would help but I suppose it is not enough. I notice her stool softens after taking Mamil.

Nancy, 34, Segambut

Mamil mengandungi prebiotik GOS/lcFOS. Mamil telah membantu anak saya selesai masalah sembelit. Selepas cuba Mamil, air besar anak saya telah lancar dan lebih lembut. Dia tidak nangis lagi akibat najis yang keras, Mamil memang dapat membantu anak saya, saya akan bertukar Mamil selepas ini.Mummy dan daddy trylah cuba Mamil hari ini.

Mee Kee, 30, Pertang

Mamil contains Internationally Patented Prebiotics GOS/IcFOS. The child loves it and it does helps their bowel movement as well. Used to pass motion once every 2-3 days but when consuming Mamil, it improved to once a day or once every 2days.

Lae Peng, 32, Klang

Mamil contains Internationally Patented Prebiotics GOS/IcFOS. My boy now in 21mths, after try this Mamil Learning Step 3, i feel that he more easy to pass motion compare to before. Thanks for sending me the Mamil sample. Will definitely buy it for my boy.

Luan Chiang, 34, Subang Jaya

Mamil contains Internationally Patented Prebiotics GOS/IcFOS. My son having a hard time during passing motion and his stool is very hard. After taking this Mamil Learning Step 3, it has improve his bowel movement and he can pass motion easily. When i making milk for my son, i can feel the nice aroma, so i make a small cup for myself to try and surprisingly its not sweet at all. I would say i will change to Mamil Learning Step 3 after this.

Man Yieng, 31, Sungai Petani

My child, like most kids have a sweet tooth, and he loves the taste of Mamil, and I thought it must be sweet. I'm surprisingly relieved though that it says no added sucrose in it's ingredients. I also like that it dissolves easily and doesn't bubble up too much when giving the milk a shake. And I don't think its a coincidence that my child has better appetite and his poo has better texture (softer and no longer dark) after starting on Mamil. Glad that it has a great combination of nutrients especially gut-friendly ones. I'd say give Mamil a try, not just for 7 days, especially if your child has constipation or fall sick often as a healthy gut on an overall will result in a healthier child. Happy that we get to sample this and we will definitely consider switching to Mamil after finishing our current stock of milk.

Cheryl, 37, Petaling Jaya