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“I Saw Improvement In My Child’s Behaviour After Doing This!”

I am a mother of three kids and when my first child was born, it was quite scary. As a first time mother...

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How to Teach Kids to Communicate About Their Digestive Health

Parents are always worrying about their child’s digestive tract and they have every right to...

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Is Your Child Constantly Having Mood Swings?

Is your child having constant mood swings or outbursts and often without reason? Or maybe he or she...

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These 10 Foods Can Help Your Child’s Digestive System

Maintaining or building a good gut flora in children is crucial. It has become one of the most talked about topics...

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These 3 Things Could be Killing Your Child’s Gut Health

The word “bacteria” often sends parents into protective mode when it comes to their children, but not all bacteria are harmful...

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6 Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Your Child’s Poop Habits

New parents: you will relate to this. You will be completely obsessed with your child’s poop habits. All the time...

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The Importance Of Nutrient Absorption For Growing Kids

Parents, if you’re reading this article, it means that you are curious to find out more about nutrient absorption and its role...

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How Can I Improve My Child’s Nutrient Absorption?

As parents, we are responsible for our child’s development. Whether we feed them junk food or organic food, whether we...

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6 Best Ways to Boost Nutrient Absorption in Children

Nutrient absorption – parents often stumble upon this phrase especially when it comes to child health and...

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5 Easy Recipes for Kids to Boost Nutrient Absorption

Parents can be total worrywarts when it comes to their child’s gut health, such as constantly checking the colour of their...

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Quick Meals For Busy Mums To Promote Good Gut Health

Working mums, we know how busy you are. You’ve got your full-time job to juggle with your household chores...

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Why healthy digestion matters

When was the last time you paid any attention to your child's digestive health? Chances are, unless they're in pain…

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Signs of a healthy tummy

How do you know if your digestive system is healthy and working like it should? Just look for these easy signs…

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Common digestive problems in children

Tummy troubles are nothing new among young children, but it can be very difficult for parents to know...

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Relieving constipation

When young children are having fun, it's hard to convince them to stop, even for a toilet break...

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Get healthy with prebiotics and probiotics

"Mommy, my tummy hurts!" That’s a common complaint from young children, and it can mean...

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The role of growing up milk for children

Toddlers, or children aged between one and three years of age, are embarking on a busy and...

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Expert advice

The benefits of healthy gut videos with paediatrician Dr Chin Wai Seong.

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Healthy eating habits for good absorption!

As your little one grows up, he may become more and more picky with his food. By changing his habits, you can help him...

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Absorb the greatness of the world, from age 3 to 6

As your little child grows up rapidly day by day, every little step is a new accomplishment. Just like how quickly he outgrows his...

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