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A healthy gut aids the body in the digestion and absorption of nutrients that are essential for growth.

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The secret to your kids eating well every day

Here are some helpful tips to help you develop good eating habits for your kids.

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How to help your kids poop better

Find out how digestion plays an important role.

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4 foods to prevent child constipation

Ingredients for good bowel movement and nutrient absorption.

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Your child's amazing tummy and its 3 hero missions

Your child's gut and its tummy soldiers do fascinating things to keep him healthy and happy.

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Mums, find out why bacteria is not a bad word

Did you know bacteria play a central role in your child's growth and well-being?

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5 amazing things you didn't know about your gut

Discover why the gut plays such an important role in our well-being.

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Fretting over your sick child again? It's time to pay attention to his gut health

Learn how your child's gut plays a crucial role in helping to build his natural defences to fight against infections.

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What is your child's gut telling their brain?

Did you know your child's gut constantly communicates with to the brain to support their development?

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Here's what Malaysian mums know about their child's poop

Your child’s poop is one of the indicators of your child’s digestive health. How well do you know your child’s poop?

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7 simple facts about poop every parent should know

Your child's poop can tell you a lot about what's going on with their overall health.

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The day my child cried and how it changed me

When your child screams in pain because of hard stools, it changes the way you think about their nutrition and well-being.

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Why does my child get hard stools?

Did you know that if a child passes motion for less than 3 times a week it could be a sign of hard stool?

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Learn how to recognize and treat inconsistent poo?

Did you know your child's bowel movements can affect their overall well-being?

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Is your child scared of taking a poop?

Did you know that your child's refusal to poop could be linked to their emotional state (anxiety, fear)?

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