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Happening terms and conditions


The Dumex Mamil 7 days Money Back Guaranteed Campaign is organized by Danone Specialized Nutrition (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (“Danone). This Campaign will start from 15th March 2022 and ends 31st December 2023, 11:59pm (“Contest Period”). By participating in Dumex Mamil 7 days Money Back Guaranteed Campaign (“the Campaign”), I (“Claimant”) hereby confirmed that I have read, acknowledged my understanding, and agreed to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. The child consumes Mamil Step 3 or Mamil Step 4 for 7 days consecutively (mix 200ml of water with 41.5g milk powder for 1 serving, recommended 2-3 glasses/day for Mamil Step 3, 2 glasses/day for Mamil Step 4).

  2. The child is healthy and does not have any digestive issue such as bowel related disease or celiac disease.

  3. The child eats 5 groups of food: mainly containing dairies and/or their alternatives, fruits, grain (cereal) food, lean meat and poultry, fish eggs, nuts, tofu seeds and legumes/bean and vegetables, every day.

  4. Claimant shall use Mamil Bristol Stool chart as a guideline to indicate the child’s digestive health. Mamil Bristol Chart can be viewed at below link: https://www.mamil.com.my/en/bristol-stool-chart.php

  5. If the child’s excretion does not improve, the Claimant who purchased Mamil Step 3 and Step 4 can submit request for refund within 14 days from the date of purchase (refund within 30 days upon receipt of the request).

  6. The Claimant is required to keep the original receipt of the products (the company will not accept photo of receipt for refund).

  7. This Campaign is open to all Malaysian citizens aged 18 years and above, except the directors, employees, and immediate family members of Danone Specialized Nutrition (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd, including its affiliated and/or related companies, distributors, advertising, and promotion agencies (each referred to herein as a Claimant).


  1. This Campaign applies to purchases made between 15th March 2022 to 31st December 2023 ONLY for the following products (“Eligible Products”):

    1. Dumex Mamil Step 3 600g 1-3 years old

    2. Dumex Mamil Step 4 600g 4-9 years old

    1. Dumex Mamil Step 3 1.2kg 1-3 years old

    2. Dumex Mamil Step 4 1.2kg 4-9 years old


  1. To claim under the Campaign, the Claimant must:

    • 1.1 Submit refund request to Danone’s Careline team via call at 1800-38-1038 or email at mycareline@mamil.com.my or Dumex Mamil Facebook Messenger within 14 days of the date Claimant purchased the qualified product(s).

    • 1.2 Upon receiving confirmation from Careline, Claimant must provide Careline operator with a valid tax invoice that clearly identifies the price paid for the Product (Proof of Purchase). Danone will provide a claim form for Claimant to fill up which consist of: (a) Name, (b) Identification Number, (c) Address for product pick up, (d) Date & Store of purchase, (e) Reason of refund, (f) Phone number details for refund. Photo of receipt is not acceptable.

    • 1.3 Claimant is required to answer a set of Questionnaire provided by Careline operator to determine refund eligibility.

    • 1.4 Claimant must return the Product based on the delivery instructions provided to Claimant by Careline operator. If Claimant chooses to use another method to return the product to Danone, Claimant shall bear any cost incurred of returning the Product.


  1. This Campaign applies to the Eligible Products purchased from both online and in-store in the territory subject to verification by Danone Specialised Nutrition (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. and/or its partners, representatives, or agents.

  2. The Campaign does not apply to Products purchased from sellers outside of Malaysia whether offline or online.

  3. Limited to one (1) person per household. One (1) individual (per one (1) Mykad number & per phone number) is entitled to one (1) claim for refund during the Campaign Period. Refund value per claim will be capped at not more than the recommended Consumer Retail price stated on the pack per refund or purchase value based on the receipt submitted of the Eligible Products, whichever is lower.

  4. Every request for refund will only be processed based on the following criteria: (a) Valid Proof of Purchase. (b) Product must be purchased during the Campaign Period, (c) Reason for refund must be completed via form provided and only product related reasons will be accepted, (d) Product with remaining product fill & outer box returned to appointed delivery partner.

  5. The refund amount will be based on value paid for Eligible Product(s) and cannot be transferred, exchanged for any other product, or claimed at point of purchase. The refund amount will also be deductible from the value of any promotion vouchers, stated retail value of gift-with-purchase that consumer enjoyed at the point of purchase.

  6. Danone Specialized Nutrition (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to request further evidence to substantiate the reason for the refund if the conditions are not met.


  1. Upon verification, the refund amount based on the purchase price of the product will be credited to Claimant via TNG credit transfer based on personal details provided by the Claimant. It is the responsibility of the Claimant to provide a correct and valid phone number details. Danone shall not be liable if the particulars provided by the Claimant are found to be incorrect.

  2. All refunds will be processed within thirty (30) days after the collection of refund product from claimant.


  1. Danone ’s decision on all matters relating to this Campaign is final. Danone reserves the right to change these terms and conditions or discontinue the Campaign at any time without prior notice. In the event Danone decides to discontinue the Campaign, Danone will still process the claims made before that date of such discontinuation and issue refunds if those claims are accepted.

  2. Dumex Mamil contains unique prebiotics combination GOS/lcFOS (9:1) which helps to support good intestinal environment. It has been shown that groups of children provided with 0.8g/100ml GOS/lcFOS have softer stool at week 1 compared to groups provided with formula without GOS/lcFOS or any prebiotic (Veereman-Wauters et al., 2011).

  3. The decision on eligibility for refund is based on Danone discretion after a questionnaire is asked to the Claimants.

  4. The eligible Claimant for refunds will be contacted maximum of three (3) times only. If any eligible Claimant cannot be contacted, the refunds will be forfeited, and no correspondence or appeal will be entertained.

  5. Claims for refunds are non-transferable or exchangeable for other products.

  6. Claims will be disqualified (including but not limited to), if Danone discovers that one same receipt is being submitted for different entries; entries that are incomplete, defective, unreadable, late, and without proper Proof of Purchase or inadequate Proof of Purchase. Proof of delivery and submission is not proof of receipt.

  7. Except for any liability that cannot by law be excluded, Danone (including its respective officers, employees and agents) are not responsible for and excludes all liability (including negligence), for any personal injury; or any loss or damage (including loss of opportunity); whether direct, indirect, special or consequential, arising in any way out of: (a) any technical difficulties or equipment malfunction (whether or not under the Danone ’s control); (b) any theft, unauthorized access or third party interference; (c) any refund claim that is late, lost, altered, damaged or misdirected (whether or not after their receipt by Danone due to any reason beyond the reasonable control of Danone ; (d) if the Campaign is cancelled or delayed for any reason beyond the reasonable control of Danone ;

  8. As a condition of accepting the refund, the Claimants may be required to sign and return to Danone any legal documentation in the form required by Danone and/or appointed delivery partner in their absolute discretion, including but not limited to a legal release and indemnity form.

  9. Danone is not responsible for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay, failure in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction, unauthorized access to, or alteration of, of any means communication, or any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, any website or application, computer online systems, servers or providers, computer equipment, system, apparatus, software, failure of e-mail or receipt of entry on account of technical problems or traffic congestion on the internet and/or telecommunication services, used in connection with this Campaign.


  1. By participating in this Campaign, each Claimant consents to Danone’s collection, use, transfer and processing of the personal data provided by the Claimant, which includes but not limited to, Claimant’s name, NRIC, address, photograph, email address, contact details and any information which may identify the Claimant’s (collectively, "Personal Data") for the purposes relating to the Campaign as specified in these Terms and Conditions (“Purpose”).

  2. Danone wishes to inform the Claimant that the Personal Data may be disclosed to Danone's affiliates which may be located within and/or outside of Malaysia and any third parties that may be required by law or for the purposes of this Campaign such as service and online providers for reasons relating to the Purpose.

  3. The Claimant may request for access to or correction of the Personal Data or limit the processing of the Personal Data at any time thereafter by submitting such request in writing to Marketing Manager - Danone Specialized Nutrition via email: mycareline@mamil.com.my or alternatively to privacy.my@danone.com or via telephone: 1800 38 1038. Any inquiries or complaints with respect to the Personal Data should be channeled to Danone in the same manner.

  4. Please note that it will be necessary for Danone to process the Personal Data for the Purpose, without which Danone Specialized Nutrition may not be able to accept and/or process the Claimant’s Campaign entry.


For further enquiries about this Campaign, please call our 24 Hours Careline support at 1800-38-1038, including Public Holidays.