I Saw Improvement In My Child’s Behaviour After Doing This

“I Saw Improvement
In My Child’s Behaviour
After Doing This!”

I Saw Improvement In My Child’s Behaviour After Doing This

I am a mother of three kids and when my first child was born, it was quite scary. As a first time mother, I didn’t know what to do.

Of course, I learned a lot along the way and got plenty of advice from friends and family. But their advice could only take me so far. When it came to choosing a formula milk, one of the most common pieces of advice I got was to try and see which brand would suit my daughter.

I had tried so many growing up milk brands with her - including an organic growing up milk brand and also a soy-based growing up milk but she rejected all of them. She would leave a lot of milk leftover and the wastage also broke my heart a little. I was such a young mother back then and I really was at such a loss.

On top of that, she also had really bad constipation problems and I would see her face turn red from trying to pass a stool. It chipped away at my heart every time I saw her suffer that way.

I saw her behaviour change from bad to worse. She would be more ill-tempered from not being able to sleep well because of tummy upsets. Most days, she would just cry incessantly to no end.


I could not figure it out! I looked up “sleep regression”, “toddler tantrums” and other possible milestones my daughter could be going through. But each article said that the phase would pass.

My daughter’s angsty phase never seemed to end.

I was almost at wit’s end when I decided to seek out my paediatrician. She advised that my daughter’s constipation was what was contributing to her poor behaviour and advised us to try Dumex Mamil®.

So I decided to go with the paediatrician’s recommendation.

I tasted the milk myself and was pleased to find that the milk wasn’t sweet at all. That was one of the main reasons why I chose this brand.

Over time, I saw her mood change because of the overall better gut health she was experiencing when previously, she was often moody and cranky because of constipation. I also could see her growth and development also improved.

I decided to read up more on what makes Dumex Mamil® stand out from the rest and how it helped my daughter.


Nutrient absorption helps overall growth

What I discovered is that Dumex Mamil® with D-GestPro+ is formulated with a unique blend of prebiotics GOS/IcFOS (9:1), DHA and other nutrients which can help in maintaining a good intestinal environment.

Prebiotics are important in increasing the good bacteria in the gut to promote gut health, which in turn, also helps with nutrient absorption. After reading up on this, I recognised that Dumex Mamil® was actually helping to improve my child’s gut health through nutrient absorption, allowing her to experience healthy growth and development.

With my daughter’s better gut health and overall mood,I saw her become more excited to go to school, enjoy her meals and also try out new activities.

This gave me the confidence as a mother that I was doing the right thing for my daughter.


Dumex Mamil for over ten years

When my second child turned one, I also introduced Dumex Mamil® to my second child from the very beginning and the difference in raising him and my daughter was stark.

He proved to be an easy child from the start - with great bowel movements and easy-going nature. He never fussed and was always ready to try new food. His development was always ahead of the curve and I was confident in his ability to take on new challenges at any given time.

Now, it is also time for me to start my third child on growing up milk and since this brand has not failed me in the past decade (and more!) of using it, I know it will be my first choice for her too.

Need more information on Mamil® D-GestPro+? Visit Our Benefits page!


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