Healthy Eating Habits For Good Absorption!

Absorb the greatness

As your little one grows up, he may become more and more picky with his food. By changing his habits, you can help him better absorb the good nutrients he needs!

Why Does Your Child Avoid Certain Foods?

Many reasons - from meals being unfamiliar to sensitivity to texture or taste profile of certain foods. Eating too many snacks could also affect his choices of food overtime. Generally, kids have strong preferences for food and will stubbornly avoid those they dislike.

Thankfully, most kids eventually develop better eating habits as they mature. However, don’t take this matter for granted as they could still be a possibility for bad eating habits to worsen.

Here’s How to Change Their Habits:

  • Know that your child is at an age where he is curious just about anything - which of course, includes food. Use this opportunity to let him discover the uniqueness of different foods. Show him vibrant pictures of them or encourage him to touch and feel ingredients with his hands. This will slowly develop his interest in unfamiliar foods, thus the willingness to taste them.
  • Be a role model to your child by enjoying those specific foods during meal sessions together.
  • Sometimes the reason for his picky eating habits is a poor gastrointestinal function, which causes loss of appetite. Taking care of his gut promotes the growth of beneficial flora in the intestine, the largest immune organ in the human body. This helps in better digestion and nutrient absorption, leading to good appetite to try new foods!
  • Engaging your child in the process of making meals helps him become more interested in food. Try searching online for some fun recipes to make together!

Things You Should Know About Balanced Nutrition

Not eating certain foods does not necessarily lead to malnutrition as specific nutrients can still be obtained from a variety of foods, as well as an appropriate sunlight exposure.

Try recording what your child eats and the portions he takes daily, then summarize and make a comparison. If the food sources are diverse, containing at least five categories (cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, fish, milk and dairy products), then a balanced nutrition can be achieved.

Kids generally do not need nutritional supplements as the high doses of nutrients could cause harm to their body if taken excessively. If a child is resistant to any food category, or is from a family that practices vegetarianism, obtaining certain crucial nutrients may be difficult. Thus, parents are advised to consult a pediatrician for their children’s supplement needs.

Healthy Gut for Good Absorption

Helping your child develop good eating habits may take some effort, but it is all worth it. You can improve his diet and nurture his gut with food rich in prebiotics. Mamil ® is formulated with Unique Prebiotics Mixture GOS/lcFOS (9:1) to help maintain a good intestinal environment which supports nutrient absorption for your child.

When he is no longer picky with food and is equipped with a healthy gut, he can then absorb all the nutrients he needs, thus absorbing the greatness of the world!