Absorb The Greatness
Of The World,
From Age 3 to 6

Absorb the greatness

As your little child grows up rapidly day by day, every little step is a new accomplishment. Just like how quickly he outgrows his old clothes, his nutrition intake may also no longer meet the requirements as when he was much younger. That is why you should customise his intake based on age and personal habits, so that he can grow up healthily while discovering his true self.

From 3 to 4 Years Old

At this stage, your child will be at preschool. He will learn about self-control, how to take care of himself from playing with friends, and how to smartly respond to other people’s emotions. During this period too, his physical functions and emotional intelligence are more fully developed.

At this stage, your child can already run, jump, and climb freely, as well as riding a children’s bicycle smoothly. He can now draw simple pictures, write simple words with strokes, and even perform simple manual activities. You can also start encouraging your child to take care of himself independently and let him do the simple house chores.

As for language abilities, he can already engage in simple communication with you, understand your instructions, and master hundreds of vocabulary. This is also a great time to teach him some new words. Try adding words to his speech to enrich his vocabulary while increasing the content of your conversations.

Cognition and emotional intelligence-wise, he will have a deep curiosity about the world around him. Go beyond answering his curious questions by leading him to diverse environments and creating different opportunities for him to explore the answers on his own. Apart from that, your child will also be engaging in cooperative games with his playmates, which helps boost his social skills.

From 4 to 6 Years Old

This is the stage where your child will be more energetic and will also learn from experiences as he explores the environment around them.

He can now perform most physical activities proficiently so do encourage him to exercise to strengthen his physical strength. You can also bring him to social environments such as the park, carnival, zoo, botanical garden, library, museum and science center to learn new things through experience.

He will also be able to express himself fluently with the ability to describe recent events in an orderly manner. He will also show a strong interest in listening to stories. Try reading him stories or even discussing the content of the stories with him.

In terms of their cognition and emotional intelligence, your child will learn to understand things from his own point of view, and to control his emotions and follow the social rules. As his emotional intelligence improves, he may also try to hide his true feelings in consideration of the thoughts and feelings of others. You can spend your time to educate him on the importance of social rules and the correct ways to communicate and get along with others. As he is still in the learning process of using language, do help him in using the correct words to express his feelings, emotions and needs.

Finally, it is important to understand that every child is born unique. Give him the best care and the freedom to explore his true self, so that he may grow up well with a healthy body and a healthy mind. MAMIL® is formulated with Unique Prebiotics Mixture GOS/lcFOS (9:1) to help maintain a good intestinal environment which supports nutrients absorption, to support their overall growth!

The world is your child’s playground. It’s time for him to absorb the greatness of the world!