The secret to your kids eating well every day

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The fact is that all moms want nothing more than their kids to grow up healthily, which is why they make sure their kids eat well every day. Well, here are some helpful tips to help you develop good eating habits for your kids.

#1 Balanced Nutrition Is Everything

Some moms want their kids to eat more, but eating more is not necessarily healthy. It is important to ensure that they get a well-balanced nutrition so they can effectively absorb the nutrients they need. In general, kids over the age of two are old enough to dine with their families. The optimal meal frequency per day for young kids should be: breakfast, lunch, dinner, two minor meals, with each meal spaced two to three hours apart.

As for choices of food, you should cover different food in each category according to the recommended proportions in the Food Pyramid so that your kids can get a variety of diet and sufficient nutrition.

#2 No More Fussy Eaters

Kids in early childhood and pre-school stages are often fussy eaters, which causes moms plenty of headaches. Even though mom knows best, kids want to have their own say when it comes to what to eat. Your kids may hate unfamiliar food or vegetables, or they may not be feeling hungry after eating too much snacks.

To improve your kids’ eating behaviours, you may need to tackle multiple fronts. For starters, give kids 10 to 15 minutes to ‘get ready’ before a meal, so they can forget what they were doing and get into the mood of eating. Try to arrange for your kids to eat together with the family and remove distractions such as TVs, game consoles, and toys. Brightly coloured dishes and small-portioned food items can increase your kids’ interest in eating.

You can also be creative in your food preparation. If your kids hate hardboiled eggs, why not prepare steamed eggs or fried eggs instead? If they shun soft boiled veggies, perhaps you’d have better luck with stir-fry or shredded vegetables.

Finally, help your kids cultivate the right attitude towards food by avoid complaining about food. Instead, talk about it positively: “Wow, that steamed veggie sure looks and smells exciting!” Soon, your kids will look forward to these meals. Do praise your kids when they willingly try food they usually reject and avoid rewarding them with sweets or snacks. With patience and persistence, you may eliminate your kids’ fussy eating behaviours and help them cultivate good eating habits.

#3 Healthy Tummy Starts with Prebiotics

Moms feel at ease when their kids eat well. A healthy tummy helps your kids absorb nutrients efficiently. Start by giving them food containing prebiotics to increase their intestinal bifidobacteria, which is key to build a healthy tummy that effectively absorbs the right nutrients. Cultivating a healthy tummy helps your kids grow up well in this wonderful world.

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