How to help your kids poop better

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Becoming a parent brings a whole new outlook on everything – like your new-found relationship with poop. Remember you used to hate seeing poop, that you pinched your nose and stayed as far as possible? However, things have changed ever since you had your first child. You now look forward to each big, healthy discharge of poo! There is no better proof that he is growing up healthily other than this.

Oh, The Things I Would Do for You to Poop Well!

From preparing high-fibre meals to calculate your kids’ dietary fibre intake, moms will do anything for a healthy pile of stool - some even tried massaging their kids’ tiny tummy to stimulate smoother bowel movement. Also, we know moms who search high and low for a comfortable potty just so that their kids can take a dump with maximum comfort.

Healthy Intestines Create Healthy Poo

Moms always know best. They know that the secret to better, healthier pooping for their kids is healthy intestines. However, not many moms know what’s going on in their kids’ tummies, so let us educate you.

Healthier Intestines = Better Bowel Movements

So, this is what’s been going on in there. After your kids eat, the food enters the stomach through the oesophagus for digestion. Nutrients are absorbed by the small and large intestines. Food residues that cannot be absorbed will become faeces in the large intestine and excreted through the intestinal tract as poop.

Healthy intestines work in tandem with water and natural dietary fibres found in fruits and vegetables to keep poop in perfect condition until the intestine’s peristaltic motions push the poop out of the body. This is why dietary fibre, an indigestible component for the human body, is key to bowel movements. It can stimulate the peristalsis of the large intestine muscles, absorbing water to help increase the amount of stool and lubricating the insides of your large intestine.1

All this can only happen in healthy intestines, resulting in poop that is moist, soft, and easy to discharge. Meanwhile, unhealthy intestines cannot function properly, resulting in stinky problems like constipation!

Healthy Tummy Starts with Prebiotics

In addition to improving your kids’ toilet experience through tummy massages, you should improve their diets to help them develop a healthy intestinal tract. Eating foods containing prebiotics will increase their intestinal bifidobacteria, which is key to build a healthy tummy that effectively absorbs the right nutrients. Helping your kids cultivate a healthy tummy helps them grow up well in this wonderful world.


1. Joanne Slavin. 2013. Fiber and Prebiotics: Mechanisms and Health Benefits. Nutrients, 5, 1417-1435

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