4 foods to prevent child constipation

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As your kids grow, they will be trying different kinds of food. Moms know that food is not just about its taste, but also about how much nutrition their kids can absorb from it. Thus, it is crucial to choose the right menu for kids because their poop can be affected by what they eat. Kids often face constipation problems, which is why they need food with ingredients that help them build more active intestines, resulting in better pooping.

If you don’t want your child to suffer from constipation, consider adding these four foods to the menu:

1. Pear

Yes, we know pear as that curvaceous obese body shape featured in TV ads, but in actual fact, it is very beneficial for health. Pears contain sorbitol, which carries moisture from the intestinal wall cells to the gut, keeping poo soft and moist. 100g of pear provides on average of up to 2.47 grams of dietary fibre.1 While fibre cannot be absorbed by the body, excess fibre stimulates intestinal peristalsis, which results in a smooth and easy pooping process.

2. Broccoli

Moms want kids to consume fibre-rich food but are afraid of excessive sugar intake. In this case, broccoli comes to the rescue - 100g of broccoli contains about 1.5 grams of dietary fibre.1 While raw broccoli is rich in nutrients, it may not taste good for picky kids. Please do not worry, because cooked broccoli is delicious and is just as good for kids. To reduce nutritional leaching, try healthy cooking methods like hard-boiling or steaming. Just boil the broccoli till it’s soft so your kids can chomp and chew with ease!

3. Oats

A bowl of wheat husks also makes a healthy, tasty breakfast for your kids. In addition to approximately 22.5 grams of dietary fibre in a cup of oats,2 it also contains carbohydrates, iron, protein, zinc, and other nutrients. Plus, a bowl of oatmeal provides about 160 calories, sufficient for your kids’ most physically active schedule - mornings. If you are getting them to do exercises involving the abdomen, oats will boost their intestinal peristalsis and help prevent constipation.3

4. Water

No matter how much dietary fibre your kids consume, if their bodies are not well hydrated, no amount of fibre can soften their poop. So, make sure your kids drink plenty of water every day.

Healthy Intestines Soothe Constipation

A healthy intestine will absorb adequate water and fibre every day to ensure smooth bowel movement. Eat food containing prebiotics to increase intestinal bifidobacteria, which is a key to build a healthy tummy that absorbs the right nutrients effectively. Cultivating a healthy tummy helps your kids grow up well in this wonderful world.


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