What Has Laughter
Got to Do With Your
Child’s Growth?

Absorb the greatness

Nothing could take away the joy of watching your child growing up happily, and the genuine laughter that comes along with it. His laughter is in fact an indicator of a healthy body and mind, a sign that puts mums at ease.

It is not a wonder that as parents, we would go the extra miles just to see our child laugh more. Whether it’s through getting him loads of toys, spending time playing games together, taking him to the park or just having a sweet parent-child interaction at home (playing hide-and-seek, telling stories), his laughter would simply put a smile on your face.

Well, it’s great that you’re willing to spend the time and effort to make your child happy, but there are times when he will refuse to smile, throw tantrums or even cry for no obvious reasons. What should you do when you are faced with these situations?

How A Healthy Gut Plays A Role

Here’s the thing. Many of us rely on the external gratification for our child’s happiness - this includes giving him toys and other examples mentioned earlier. What we might miss out is the fact that the body plays a role in affecting our child’s emotions. This actually stems from his internal organs.

For example, your child will have difficulties concentrating when his tummy is either too empty or too full. He will be less interested in participating in the fun activities around him. Even mums should be able to relate to this scenario!

Also, if your child’s gut is not healthy, there’s a chance of developing intestinal problems like indigestion or constipation, which affects his motivation to enjoy things.

It is important to be aware that your child’s intestines contain countless neurons which are responsible for regulating his emotions. When he has a healthy gut, the neurons will release chemicals that can help stabilise his mood. Therefore, having a healthy gut is essential for him to feel good, which also means more laughter!

Healthy Gut, Happy Heart

Apart from sticking to external factors for your child’s happiness, start improving his diet and nurture his gut with food rich in prebiotics and probiotics. Mamil® is formulated with Unique Prebiotics Mixture GOS/lcFOS (9:1) to help maintain a good intestinal environment which supports nutrient absorption for your child.

A healthy tummy helps your child eat well, absorb well and poop well, which means you’ll be expecting more laughter when he explores and absorbs the greatness of the world!