18 Memes That Perfectly Describe How Parents Feel About Kid Poop

18 Memes That Perfectly Describe How Parents Feel About Kid Poop

Why do they always want us to look at it in the toilet bowl?!

1. This is a universal truth

2. Oh, the stress of it all...

3. Forever trying to remember when they last pooped

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Did they poop this morning? Or was it yesterday and not today? OR WAS IT LAST WEEK?!

4. That long wait only parents understand...

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5. When you have to promise to buy them something nice just to get them to poop

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6. When you finally convince your kid to eat their veggies so they can go ng ng then your partner tells them they don't have to if they don't want to

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7. Waking up at 2am and getting blinded by your phone because you HAVE to Google about your kid's bowel movements

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8. Reading up on kid poop to check if that colour is even human

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9. All the time we spend researching our kid’s poop

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10. When you finally get everyone to sit down at the table and eat... then your kid announces they need to poop

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And they demand you come with them.

11. This comprehensive bar chart showing the exact times your kid wants to poop

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12. Every time your kid screams for you to come see their poop masterpiece floating in the toilet

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13. When your kid is making a poop face but still refuses to go to the toilet

14. Every time you have to wash a buntut that isn't yours

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15. The evolution of parenthood

16. Every time you ask “where did you poo poo?” and they answer “in the toilet”

17. Waiting for your kid to finish washing up "all by themselves"

18. When you're in the middle of something important but have to drop everything because your kid needs to poop and only wants you

Your child's bowel movements are one of the most obvious indicators of their health and well-being. Ensure your child has a balanced diet and drinks lots of water to prevent unhealthy bowel movements.

Learn more about how to help your child here!

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