Grandparents embarrass their adult children with...

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We got some Malaysian grandparents to tell embarrassing stories about their adult kids, all centered around the topic of poop

This mum was a total pro at imitating her son

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And this daughter made sure that her mum didn't leave out the important details

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1 out of 3 children suffers from constipation.*

* Mugie SM et al. Epidemiology of constipation in children and adults: a systematic review. Best Pract. Res Clin Gastroentrol. 2011; 25(1)-3-18

We may laugh and cringe about it but their kid's poop is serious business for parents

Not only can constipation be uncomfortably painful for young kids and can even lead to more serious symptoms.

A balanced diet, staying hydrated, and exercise are highly recommended by experts to keep your child's digestive system healthy. If all else fails, seek advice from a medical professional. More Information. >

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