Cassandra explains watermelon seeds

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Remember how our parents used to tell us that watermelon seeds will grow in your tummy if you eat them?

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Well, that's just not true. And little Cassy is here to explain why:

While most of us already know that it won't happen, some poor kids are probably still 'haunted' by it

Yup, like what Cassy said, the seed will just be flushed out of your digestive system.

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Your tummy is also not the best place for it to grow

It can't grow without sunlight and nutrients from the ground. The acid present in your tummy also doesn't make it a hospitable place to grow.

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That's all from Cassy today! Now, on a serious note...

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Your child's bowel movement can affect his or her overall well-being.

That's all from Cassy today! Now, on a serious note...

It is the one of the most obvious indicators of their health and well-being. Constipation will cause a child a lot of discomfort, emotional stress, and may sometimes lead to serious illness.

Ensuring your child has a balanced diet and lots of water is the best way to prevent unhealthy bowel movements. Find out more >

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