Cassy explains
the three-second rule

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What do you do if you accidentally dropped some food?

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You pick it up and eat it because three-second rule, right?

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Cassy doesn't approve of it. Here's why:

There's no such thing as the three-second rule

"All fallen food are contaminated the moment it drops on the floor."

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So, if you drop your food next time...

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Your child's bowel movement can affect his or her overall well-being.

It's very important to not eat food that has been contaminated

Contaminated food is not good for your digestive system. In the case of young children, it will also affect their health and mood.

Besides keeping them hydrated and feeding them a balanced diet, it's important to instil hygiene knowledge among our children. Teaching them about the three-second rule myth is a good starting point! Learn More >

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