11 things desperate Malaysian parents do when their kids can't poop

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11 Things Desperate Malaysian Parents Do When Their Kids Can't Poop.
If you're a parent, your kid's poop is probably the centre of your universe ^_^

So what happens when the little one won't go? Or if your child is struggling and in pain? Omg. Hard stools are the worst! Especially when they're few and far between.

Here are 11 things you've probably done to make your kid poop:
  • Image via SAYS / javabeansdb / Photobucket

    Ask the grandparents

    Usually doesn't end well... :/

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    Ask the doctor

  • Image via sarangfan / Tumblr

    Change the milk formula

  • Image via US Japan Fam

    Get them to drink more water

  • Image via SAYS/Dr. Julie Bhosale

    Get them to drink prune juice or smoothies

  • Image via Ashlyn Thia

    Sing encouragement

  • Image via SAYS/Shutterstock

    "Push" together and make that "uhm uhmmmm..." sound

  • Image via Giphy

    Make them run around or exercise!

  • Image via Familife

    Lots of tummy rubs and massaging

  • Image via WatchCut Video/YouTube

    Make your child eat more, even if they don't want to...

  • Image via Gimme Bar

    Use toys and puppets and anything you can think of!

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